Shingle Makers Geometry


To the forests in which they settled, our ancestors brought little more than a few tools and a great deal of ingenuity. To roof a cabin in the mid-nineteenth century, ??a crew of shingle makers might be employed to harvest a good size white oak, and cross cut saw the trunk into sections or ???wafers???. Then the green wood is split into ???bolts??? with a steel wedge and a wooden maul. The bolts are ???rived??? into one half inch thick slices with a mallet and ???froe???. And if a shingle carries some bark, contains too much sapwood, or has a slight twist, they can be ???bumped??? on the shaving horse with a drawing knife.

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Limited edition canvas prints

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 42 × 7 in

36×24, 60×40


Frame: Lighter Finish, Frame: Darker Finish, Mural: inquire for more information, Unframed