Are original paintings available, and if so, where can I see them?

Yes,¬†original paintings are available through galleries representing the artist’s original works, or by contacting the artist directly regarding works presently on the easel, or in the development stages. Please go to the Contact page, or the Events and Galleries links.

How are the prints created?

The artist hand pulls each print to order in the studio using an archival inkjet, canvas giclee system, then stretches, hand varnishes and signs each print.

Are the prints created in limited editions?

Yes, the editions are created in series of 200.

Where can I see prints displayed?

Follow the gallery links to find select galleries, vineyards, and installation sites to view both original paintings and murals, or limited edition canvas prints. Contact the artist’s studio for an appointment, or for more information.

Is the artist’s studio open for guests?

Yes, but calling ahead for an appointment is required.

Does the artist accept commissions, and if so, how do I proceed?

Yes, the artist accepts a number of commissions each year. The process begins by meeting with the artist, talking by phone, or corresponding by email. At each stage of the development of a painting, the client¬†will view sketches and have the ability to adjust or revise before proceeding to the final piece. The types of projects include painting landscapes of family farms, commissioning portraits, telling visual stories, creating corporate murals, or simply selecting a concept directly from the artist’s sketchbook to develop into a custom painting.