Hermann – East View

Hermann - East View by Bryan Haynes

The original painting, commissioned by First Bank of Hermann, Missouri, shows an early twentieth century view of the ethnically German town on the bank of the Missouri River. Size: 36×24″

Above the Beyond 2

Haynes 198, 4/24/12, 12:55 PM,  8C, 6928x9233 (240+571), 125%, Default Settin,  1/30 s, R67.7, G47.1, B62.9

Inspired by a sycamore tree so large it is on the historic register, the view celebrates the figurative quality of the species. Size: 40×60″

Road to Taos

Road to Taos landscape by Bryan Haynes

A reminiscence of a backpacking trip to Northern New Mexico. Size: 24×12″