Steps in the construction of a portrait – Darcy.

Posted by Bryan Haynes on February 26, 2015 in Product Announcments


The portrait of Darcy began with the collection of reference photographs of the pose, piano, parakeet and other things dear to her. Next was to arrange all in a composition that gave the feel of her wonderful character. She is a beautiful person of grace and sophistication. She also grew up in Illinois in a very rural setting. I really wanted to work within a square format, so divided the space in a way that I hoped would make a solid and satisfying design, lending the sense of grace and sophistication. Once she approved the sketch, I moved to a very crude color indication of how I wanted the color masses to be arranged.

color sketch

Once approved, I moved to the final 24×24″ painting taking great care with the likeness, but moving freely within the bounds of my sketch template on the canvas with the landscape, piano, flowers and carpet to give a pleasurable painterly feel.